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Judson and Sarah

Eclectic acoustic music inspired by jazz, classical and international folk music 

Please enjoy this waltz while you browse our website!

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About Judson


Judson is a finger-style guitarist with a passion for innovative percussive techniques.  A self-taught musician, he fully explores the melodic, harmonic and percussive possibilities of the guitar and delights in finding new sounds.

About Sarah

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Sarah is a fiddler with a love of improvisation.  Growing up immersed in Vermont's folk music scene, she began studying classical violin, and quickly started learning fiddle styles as well, finding a particular affinity for Irish music.  She enjoys exploring the interplay of composition and improvisation.

About Judson and Sarah


Judson and Sarah's Music

Judson and Sarah began jamming together in 2017, and realized that together they write music not quite like either would create on their own.  Judson and Sarah’s music ranges from fiddle tunes to ambient music.   Their compositions jump from Spain to Ireland, from jazz to classical, from mellow to driving, borrowing bits from any tradition that can lend variety, nuance or groove. Guided by a plethora of musical influences, they write original acoustic music characterized by rhythm, flow and contrast.

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Inquiries and booking
Inquiries and bookings:

We are available for bookings at public and private events including weddings, festivals and music venues.  Please contact us for availability and rates.

Thanks for contacting us!

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Burlington, VT
For updates and upcoming shows please visit our facebook page

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